Beau Vallon Bay Hotel


Beau Vallon Bay Hotel

project description hotel
location Beau Vallon Bay
status Masterplan & Outline Design (RIBA stage C)
client Efimenko Projects (Russia)

The site is irregular in shape with one of its boundaries defined by a pedestrian promenade which separates the site from the public beach. The hotel, banqueting and conferencing suites and the ‘spa’ form part of a larger development that includes apartments and villas planned on the slopes of an adjacent hill which is separated from the hotel site by a public road.The 5-star hotel is designed to provide 250 guest rooms in four separate blocks. In addition to the hotel restaurants, cafes and bars within the gated development, a public restaurant is sited adjacent to the promenade which affords views over the beach to the sea. Because the beach is a public facility, it is not permissible to build permanent structures on it. However, it is proposed that a pontoon for mooring small boats should be anchored within the sea at location opposite the beach bar and café.The entire site will be extensively planted with indigenous plants as will the formal garden in the centre of the site the design of which, will seek to create a showcase for some of the more spectacular plants of the region.

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