Berners Hotel


Berners Hotel

project description Grade 2 listed building refurbished into a 198 bedroomed hotel
location westminster, london
project cost £27m
client JJW Hotels and Resorts

When it was constructed in 1865, the building that is now The Berners Hotel was built as three separate buildings. It was converted to form one building in 1908. At ground level, the building is divided into two ‘wings’ by way of a short vehicle tunnel under the upper levels of the building which provides access to Berners Place Mews from Eastcastle Street.
The building contains a basement, ground floor and six upper floors with a structure comprised of a combination of load bearing walls and ‘filler-joist’ floors of steel beams and ‘clinker-concrete’. From basement level to fourth floor parapet level, the façade features brickwork and stonework with timber framed sash windows, whilst the façade to the fifth and sixth floors forms a mansard roof which is clad with slate with timber framed dormer windows. Today, the façade, the two-storey entrance hall, the two-storey restaurant and the main staircase, are all statutorily protected by a Grade 2 Listing.
The project includes:
1. The construction of a new seventh floor extension – which is set-back from the top of the sixth floor mansard roof, so that it can not be viewed from any location at pavement level of the adjacent roads – containing fourteen new guest rooms;
2. The construction of six new guest rooms in an extension from first floor level to sixth floor level over Berners Place Mews;
3. The demolition of all non-load bearing walls within the guest floors from first floor level to sixth floor level and the creation of new, larger guest rooms;
4.The creation of a private dining room, a drinks bar, a health and fitness suite; four conferencing/banqueting suites; a ‘Board Room’;
5. The refurbishment of the Grade 2 Listed entrance hall and restaurant and the re-planning and fitting-out of the kitchen;
6. All new building services installation including air-conditioning and additional service lift;
7. Renovation of the façade including upgrading the window openings to provide enhanced thermal insulation and acoustic performance.
The project will create a hotel of 5-star international status with an interior environment which is modern yet in keeping with the Edwardian style of the façade.

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