Bologna International Airport


Bologna International Airport

project description Airport
location Bologna, Italy
status Partially Built
client Undisclosed

The project required the development of a master plan to provide additional passenger processing facilities, air cargo facilities and aircraft maintenance facilities airside and increased car parking, new airport offices and a hotel and a new road layout landside and proposals for a new people mover system to link a future new halt on the adjacent national railway system with the airport passenger terminal. The master plan seeks to make maximum use of the narrow strip of land between the parallel taxiway to the south-west of the single 2,800 metre long runway 1230 and the airport boundary and the narrow strip of land to the north-east of the runway. In addition, several narrow strips of land at right angles to the runway to the south-west of the airport boundary were to be made available to the Airport Authority, for use as additional aircraft pavements.

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