Carlisle Regional Airport


Carlisle Regional Airport

project description Regional airport
location England, United Kingdom
status Planning approval obtained
client Carlisle City Council

The project required the extension of runway 07/25 and the formation of safety zones to the ends of the runway strip, new aircraft pavements and improvements to existing airside pavements, new buildings to replace existing buildings, a new road to the west of the airport to provide access from the A689 to the south of the airport to the new commercial ‘park’ and a Hadrian’s Wall museum to the north-west of the runway and, facilities for the Solway Aviation Museum. The master plan proposed a new single-storey passenger terminal to the south of the runway linked to a ‘budget’ hotel by way of a pavilion containing a restaurant, cafe and bar. A part of the north-west airport boundary is formed by a section of Hadrian’s Wall (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

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