Ensa Logistics Park


Ensa Logistics Park

project description Retail and logistic park
location Rostov-on-Don, Russia
status Masterplan completed
client Ensa Properties

The site is to be developed for a combination of distribution warehousing, light industrial units and retail units, with the greater proportion of the buildings being distribution warehousing. The site is to be developed in two phases, with the first phase being within the northern part of the site. The scheme has been masterplanned to maximise development of the site and to economise on the amount of infrastructure necessary to service the development. The development will be sustainable. Warehouses will have rooflights providing unusually high levels of natural light to minimise usage of artificial lighting. Building envelopes will be designed to high thermal standards. Rainwater from roofs will be harvested for internal use. Care has been taken to maximise areas of soft landscaping as part of a sustainable urban drainage strategy. 

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