Laloi Lagoon Tourist Village


Laloi Lagoon Tourist Village

project description Tourist village
location Tema, Ghana
status Unbuilt
client Undisclosed

Laloi Lagoon is located some 10 kilometres east of Tema Greater Accra in Ghana. The master plan proposes three hotels these being a 270 guest room 5-star hotel with casino on the island, a 150 guest room 3-star hotel adjacent to the beach and a 120 guest room ‘bungalow’ hotel on stilts over the lagoon. Two residential neighbourhoods are planned to the west of the lagoon. To the east of the lagoon, is a complex containing shops, restaurants, a cinema and a theatre and, ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ themed leisure parks. The hotels are provided with piers which extend into the lagoon as are the residential neighbourhoods. A hierarchical method for controlling access to the various parts of the ‘village’ is provided, such that ‘day visitors’ have free access to the theme parks and the shops, restaurants, cinema and theatre and hotel guests have access to all of the facilities located to the east of the lagoon. 

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