Riviera Hotel


Riviera Hotel

project description Hotel / commercial
location Newquay, Cornwall
status Ongoing
client Acorn Homes

Newquay is arguably the major seaside tourist resort on the Atlantic Coast in the South West of England.  It is accessible by road, rail and air, which are ever improving to cope with demand. From the outset of the project it has always been envisaged that the proposed Riviera will become a Newquay landmark. Hotels in Newquay are major landmarks, proud symbols of the town and seaside tourism, set against the backdrop of the beautiful and rugged coastline.The Headland Hotel, Atlantic Hotel and Rocklands Hotel all sit in prominent positions, visible from the sea, the entrance routes to Newquay and from key vantage points within the town. They are statements of the seaside tourist culture and are part of the economic core of the area. Hotels are not just place to stay, they evoke many different emotions and anticipation. 

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