HWK provides physical master planning and architectural services to national governments, regional governments and commercial and private clients for:

Airports – airside and landside master planning and the architectural design of passenger terminals; air-cargo terminals; aircraft maintenance hangars; in-flight catering kitchens; ground vehicle maintenance facilities;

Commercial – master planning of office ‘parks’ and retail ‘parks’ and the architectural design of office buildings (new build and refurbishment); mall-serviced shopping centres; supermarkets; retail warehousing;

Logistics – master planning of industrial ‘parks’ and the architectural design of railway terminals; bus stations; distribution warehousing and light-industrial buildings;

Tourism and hospitality – master planning of tourist ‘villages’ and the architectural design of hotels; spas; clubhouses; restaurants; bars.

The Directors have been responsible for projects in both United Kingdom and in: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Maldives, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam, Yemen.


Christopher Hampson, Director
Robert Kimble, Director
Tristram Dodwell, Associate Director
Michelle Hebbron, Office manager
Elena Thatcher, Architect
Carlo Bughi, Architect
Andrea Chiarelli, Architetto
Jasneet Rattan, Part II Arch.Assistant

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